Salted Watermelon Salad


Here are more photos of animals that tried to kill us in Alaska.  Ok, Bullwinkle wasn’t dangerous. But pretty sure he will uproot your plants.  These guys, however, are another story. They will definitely uproot your plants. We met them in our new favorite saloon, The Salty Dawg, in Homer Spit, Alaska. Yes, I said… [Read More]

Blue-beary Bars


Bear Viewing. Katmai Penninsula, Alaska. Prior to this trip, this is the closest I have ever gotten to a bear. And as I recall,  Corey and I went for tapas afterwards. This excursion was a little different…. And I thought Grendel was big. About 30 seconds into Katmai National Park, I started to understand the Accidental… [Read More]

Strawberry Ice Cream


By far the best parade in NYC is the Gay Pride Parade. And one of the best days the city has all year. Sorry Colombus. You don’t have glitter. People actually applaud the cops. Gentleman wear their Sunday best. As do the ladies. Even the dogs are fierce. But there is a moment every year… [Read More]

Carrot, Apple and Walnut Muffins


Orlando. Part two. The Conference. The conference is the same every year. Fourteen thousand human resources professionals gather from all around the country. Do you have any idea how much Diet Coke is consumed by 14,000 women in four days?  There are lots of scrungees, lots of khakis, lots of crocs.  I would come in… [Read More]

Batter Dipped Scallions


Orlando – Part 1 At first glance,  Orlando doesn’t seem half bad. For example, taking a tram to go about 25 feet (awesome), 4pm dinner specials (yay, another chocolate fountain!!) , waiters with 35 pieces of flair.  Yup, all good. But after a few days, Orlando shows its dark side. Guys with soul patches, Tilikum,… [Read More]

Coconut Bread


Don’t ever come to Corn Island, Nicaragua. The beaches are deserted. And full of debris. The animals are wild. It’s easy to get lost… You can get dehydrated very easily. You never know where your food comes from. You may even have to sleep outside. It can really affect your mood. One of the best parts… [Read More]

Butter Pecan Cookies


  This post answers the age old question- WWMD? What would Martha do? If her husband left empty Pringle cans around the house like a trail of breadcrumbs. Well, she’d pick out some lovely craft paper. She’d trim and tape around the can. While baking up a batch of butter pecan cookies. She’d place the cookies in… [Read More]

French Onion Soup (Dumplings)


This is not your mama’s recipe for French Onion Soup. Actually it’s my aunt’s. Thanks Aunt Susan!! First ingredient- waterproof mascara. Second ingredient- Titanic DVD followed by Downton Abbey followed by the making of Titanic and Downton Abbey. It takes THAT long. But food like this is worth making and waiting for. You don’t need… [Read More]

Kale Salad with Miso Vinegrette


Today we visited Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.   It is a nonprofit working farm and educational center. We took Grendel. Which was a mistake. He was as terrified as a Tufted Titmouse. See, it’s a thing.  Grendel was terrified of everything. The birds. Ok, one pecked my toe and I nearly died. The… [Read More]

Grounds for Sculpture & Chocolate Rock Cake


The Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ was a delight. Part Alice in Wonderland.   Part House of Wax. The grounds are beautiful. Some of their sculptures are macabre and mysterious. Some of the statues are quirky. Some are serene and wistful. Some look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Some perfectly convey what I am thinking. All… [Read More]

Lakota Wolf Preserve


Don’t worry, this isn’t a post for Wolf Tart. Joe and I went to the Lakota Wolf Preserve today. It is a beautiful place. After a short hike (read: a hike that nearly killed us as we watched elderly people zoom by) We came upon the preserve. Along with a lady that looked like Bev from… [Read More]

Carmelized Garlic Tart


You won’t be able to go on your Tinder “date” after you eat this. Which is probably a good thing. Tinder, mom, tinder. Google it, mom. But, ultimately this post is dedicated to my mother. Her favorite movie was Salem’s Lot. She used to make me and my brother watch it with her all the… [Read More]

Honey, Cardamom and Wine Poached Pears


This is a simple and sophisticated fruit dessert. If you’re worried about the amount of wine in this recipe…. There’s a really good chance we’re not friends. You should rethink your subscription. For everyone else… See you at McFadden’s. Honey, Cardamom and Wine Poached Pears Author: Gina Ingredients 4 ripe, firm Bosc pears 2 cups… [Read More]

Sweet Potato Galettes


Welcome to the Robert Mapplethorpe edition of potato porn. Google it, mom. Actually, please don’t. Moving on to the galette…..quickly….. It’s a perfect healthy dinner. Serve it with a side salad. If you’re into that kind of thing. Sweet Potato Galettes Author: Ottolenghi Ingredients 3 sweet potatoes, about 
12 ounces each 9 ounces puff pastry 1… [Read More]

Tres Leches Fruit Trifle

047 (2)

Had the girls over today to plan our upcoming trip to Nicaragua. We are going to Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. It literally just dawned on me that I should have made something with corn. But instead I made a Tres Leches Fruit Trifle. Which actually has nothing to do with Nicaragua. Great… [Read More]

Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”)


I wish I could tell you that I made this dessert after preparing a well-balanced dinner for my husband. Something with quinoa. But I didn’t make this dish for after dinner. I made it for breakfast. Happy One Year Anniversary, Joe.  Here’s to the next 20 pounds. Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”) Ingredients… [Read More]