Carmelized Garlic Tart


You won’t be able to go on your Tinder “date” after you eat this. Which is probably a good thing. Tinder, mom, tinder. Google it, mom. But, ultimately this post is dedicated to my mother. Her favorite movie was Salem’s Lot. She used to make me and my brother watch it with her all the… [Read More]

Tres Leches Fruit Trifle

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Had the girls over today to plan our upcoming trip to Nicaragua. We are going to Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. It literally just dawned on me that I should have made something with corn. But instead I made a Tres Leches Fruit Trifle. Which actually has nothing to do with Nicaragua. Great… [Read More]

Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”)


I wish I could tell you that I made this dessert after preparing a well-balanced dinner for my husband. Something with quinoa. But I didn’t make this dish for after dinner. I made it for breakfast. Happy One Year Anniversary, Joe.  Here’s to the next 20 pounds. Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”) Ingredients… [Read More]

Potato, Crab and Gorgonzola Soup


I’m not sick of winter. I’m sick of the people that say they’re sick of winter. Like people you ride in the elevator with that don’t have anything more interesting to say. ” Can you believe its this cold? Can’t wait for spring.” Uh, huh….. Winter is great. You get to eat cream based soups. And wear layers……. [Read More]

24 hour Nachos


Ok. So these nachos don’t take 24 hours. But if you happen to make the pulled pork over say, nine or ten shots of tequila, pass out in your make-up, wake up to dry heaves and positively cannot look at food until the shakes stop, it can very well take you 24 hours to bring… [Read More]