The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014


I am so thrilled to be a part of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. But whomever said it was better to give than to receive were clearly referring to parking tickets. Because the culinary confections I received were sinfully good. Thanks: Alexa from Simple Eats- thanks for sending that awesome family recipe and way more… [Read More]

Bacon Bark


                            Christmas is the season of making bark.                             White Chocolate, Peppermint, you name it- people are barking.                      … [Read More]

Curried Apple Squash Bisque


There is not much you can dislike about butternut squash.  Except of course,  around Thanksgiving, we all start to resemble one. Oh just me?  Moving on….Distraction statement…. One thing that’s often overlooked about the Pilgrims….. Is their love for Red Thai Curry Paste. Work with me here. Oh look,  I made a heavy cream silhouette of my… [Read More]

Cranberry Cream Tartlets


                            When you are done with my Thanksgiving dinner….                             You believe that you cannot eat another bite of anything in your lifetime.            … [Read More]

Curry Mac and Cheese


Hypothetically, if I were to murder the woman in front of me at Duane Reade…. With the Prada bag……….. And a demonic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel tucked inside …. Who is literally asking for a discount on an open roll of paper towels……….. And is proceeding to count out 3 dollars in pennies and nickels………  … [Read More]

Chocolate Double Espresso Pots de Creme


To my friends that are worried about my sleep habits because of my work on this blog, don’t fret. I don’t actually work on my blog at 4am. At 4am I am usually on the couch watching an Adam Levine Pro-Activ commercial. Damn, his skin looks dewy. I better get a healing mask. Quick. Maybe… [Read More]

Mini Lobster Pot Pies


Yup, more lobster. I have become the Augustus Gloop of Maine Lobster. I have eaten so much lobster in the last week that if you stood next to me and had a seafood allergy, you would need your EpiPen. I really have cooked my tail off this week. But don’t worry. I will grow another one… [Read More]

Double Chocolate Raspberry Sea Salt Brownies


We are hours away from our trip to Alaska. We have our North Face hoodies, our bug spray bracelets, our Merril hiking boots, our REI moisture wicking underwear, our bear repellent socks. We also have band aids and Neosporin for when we inevitably get our asses kicked for having all of that stuff in Alaska…. [Read More]

Cubano Medianoches


  Pamela and I just saw the movie “Chef”. Jon Favreau’s character quits his day job and opens a food truck selling Cubanos. He’s so money. I couldn’t imagine a world without Cubanos. A friend of mine just mentioned that he has never heard of the Cubano sandwich. But he’s from Denmark. He eats things like frikkadeller and… [Read More]

Guava Pastelillos


Brooklyn, you sure do love your warehouse parties.                           And your newsboy caps. Brooklyn would celebrate the opening of an envelope if it was done in a derelict warehouse that made people feel like they weren’t cool enough and were wearing the wrong… [Read More]

Corn and Poblano Lasagna


The alarm is set.  Bags are packed. Holly and Ami have cleaned Duane Reade out of bug spray and SPF 185 by now. Only to be confiscated at LaGuardia in about 90 minutes. Nicaragua here we come! One glorious week in the Corn Islands. But I’m worried about Joe….. Who is about to lose 15 pounds…. [Read More]

Butter Pecan Cookies


  This post answers the age old question- WWMD? What would Martha do? If her husband left empty Pringle cans around the house like a trail of breadcrumbs. Well, she’d pick out some lovely craft paper. She’d trim and tape around the can. While baking up a batch of butter pecan cookies. She’d place the cookies in… [Read More]

French Onion Soup (Dumplings)


This is not your mama’s recipe for French Onion Soup. Actually it’s my aunt’s. Thanks Aunt Susan!! First ingredient- waterproof mascara. Second ingredient- Titanic DVD followed by Downton Abbey followed by the making of Titanic and Downton Abbey. It takes THAT long. But food like this is worth making and waiting for. You don’t need… [Read More]

Homemade Cavatelli with Asparagus in a Roasted Garlic Sauce


There’s nothing I like more than working 12 hours and coming home to make a huge dinner from scratch. No, seriously, there is nothing I like more. I just picture certain people’s faces while I am violently beating the eggs. Big stress reliever. But you have to be careful if you make your own pasta…. [Read More]

Cheese, Leek and Herb Souffle


Like walking in a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes after a few drinks, the big worry about making a soufflé is toppling over. But it’s pretty easy. So slip on your Aerosoles and relax. The parmesan crust could be traded on the black market. It is so good. And voila!! Perfect brunch.   Ingredients 1 tablespoon… [Read More]

Easter Bunny Cake

I know what you’re thinking. This cake is adorable. And I have too much time on my hands. But its actually really easy. Just go to Williams Sonoma. Fork over $28 for a bunny cake mold that you would just die without. Spend two hours struggling to find a place to store said pan in your… [Read More]