Fillo Tartlets with Potato, Spiced Apple and Fried Sage


There are many nice things about the holidays…. I get to cook like a maniac. And eat like a maniac. But the best part of any holiday meal are the sides and the appetizers. And the fact that you can start drinking at noon and no one seems to care can say anything because they… [Read More]

Cauliflower Steak & Eggs


The “blizzard’s” over.  Like any good New Yorkers we elbowed old ladies out of the way to get the last organic vegetables at Trader Joe’s. No kale? What will happen to us??? (We already had tequila, so I didn’t completely panic). And then we realized the biggest horror of the storm….. We’d have to cook dinner for… [Read More]



                            Recently, Pamela and I went to the Institute of Culinary Education.                           Where we learned to make homemade pasta.                    … [Read More]

Honey Sesame Chick Peas


Tonight we went to see the movie “Gone Girl”. And that’s pretty much what happened. I fell asleep. Not a doze. A deep, Titanic REM sleep. It’s not all Ben Affleck’s fault. Although he still owes me $8.50 for Gigli. And Daredevil. And Jersey Girl. And Man About Town.  And the J-Lo years. And what he makes… [Read More]

Pumpkin Focaccia with Gruyere and Walnuts


                            One of these days on an episode of the Walking Dead…………                           They will find a whole truck of pumpkin puree and all of their problems will be solved.  … [Read More]

Idaho Potatoes Rule


I’m kind of a big deal in Idaho. You read that correctly. Since I just won part of a photo competition for Idaho potatoes. I worked verrrrrrrrry hard eating all those carbs. So did Joe. So did the buttons on our pants. So, if you find yourself in Idaho, it’s OK to name drop. It’s my… [Read More]

Tomato and Goat Cheese Scones


It’s a lazy day at the dog park. Not for Grendel, who is running around like he just escaped from prison. But we don’t mind. Grendel is a 70 pound pit bull. We like it when he’s tired. Reeeeeally tired. All of Grendel’s friends are here. Lulu, Finley and Razzle. And Clive. Hi, Clive. Tearing him away… [Read More]

Peaches with Cava


There’s something unnatural about fruit desserts. It’s like watching Toddler’s and Tiara’s. There’s something about it that’s just not quite right. But if you add some wine, it makes it all better. Suddenly realizing why I never became a school teacher. But at least I’m not a pageant mom. Cava with Peaches Author: Cooking Light… [Read More]

Breaded Avocado Bites with Cilantro Lime Dipping Sauce


                            On any given Sunday….                             We are antiquing, fruit picking or at Bed Bath and Beyond.                        … [Read More]

Zucchini Chips


                            When Lay’s started making flavored chips like Cappucino and Chicken and Waffles, I thought it may be time to give up the salty snack dream.                             Rest assured,… [Read More]

Grilled Romaine with Bacon Dressing and Blue Cheese


Grilling a salad? What the fork? Yup, it tastes great. Which proves you can put just about anything on the grill and make it taste good. One word of caution. Does not work with dead houseplants. Don’t ask me how I know.     Grilled Romaine with Bacon and Blue Cheese Author: Saveur Ingredients 6 strips… [Read More]

Carrot Pancakes with Salted Yogurt (gluten free)


I am not sure that this was what Joe was expecting when I asked him if he wanted pancakes for breakfast. Especially when I broke out the carrots. And the cilantro. And the chickpea flour. No whipped cream or chocolate chips arranged in an awkward smile.  I don’t know about you but I don’t ever… [Read More]

Black Sesame Carrot Cake


I love carrot cake. Despite all those healthy carrots. To my surprise I made this one without globs of cream cheese frosting. I used toasted black sesame seeds instead as a topping. Did I mention this cake is also totally vegan? Which means you can eat unlimited portions without gaining any weight. Doesnt it? DOESN’T IT????? I am… [Read More]

Key Lime Panna Cotta with Salted Pretzel Topping


Not everyone is a fan of panna cotta. It’s a dessert that wiggles more than a Kardashian sister. But I am a fan of key lime pie. This dessert combines the best elements of traditional key lime pie but in a lighter way. It’s low fat. So you can wiggle out of any tight outfit… [Read More]

Stuffed Tomatoes with Mozzarella


Nothing says summer like fresh tomatoes.   Actually a bikini and a margarita says summer just fine. But that’s not the point. Focus. Back to tomatoes. The key to enjoying this dish is….liking tomatoes. Which I don’t. But bread and melted mozzarella I can get behind. This is the epitome of “clean” eating. Though you… [Read More]

Coconut Corn on the Cob


                          I hate to admit it but I absolutely love corn.                             We have the same hair.                          … [Read More]