Mango-Mezcal Palomas with Chile Lime Cashews


This cocktail is amazing. Plus it gives you something to do with all of your extra bottles of Mezcal. Oh, you don’t have that problem? Awkward. Let’s keep this between us.   Mango-Mezcal Paloma with Chile Lime Cashews Ingredients 1½ slices lime Chile Salt Ice Cubes 2 oz tequila 1½ oz mescal 1 oz mango… [Read More]

Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”)


I wish I could tell you that I made this dessert after preparing a well-balanced dinner for my husband. Something with quinoa. But I didn’t make this dish for after dinner. I made it for breakfast. Happy One Year Anniversary, Joe.  Here’s to the next 20 pounds. Salted Pretzel Strawberry Pie (aka “Because Quinoa Sucks”) Ingredients… [Read More]

Fig, Date and Coconut Balls


I made these to bring to the office today. An episode of Walking Dead had less carnage. Zombie ladies, you know who you are. And despite my best efforts, this dish is healthy.   Fig, Date and Coconut Balls Author: Gina Ingredients 2 cups pitted dates 8 figs without stems 3 tablespoons raw cacao 2 tablespoons… [Read More]

Potato, Crab and Gorgonzola Soup


I’m not sick of winter. I’m sick of the people that say they’re sick of winter. Like people you ride in the elevator with that don’t have anything more interesting to say. ” Can you believe its this cold? Can’t wait for spring.” Uh, huh….. Winter is great. You get to eat cream based soups. And wear layers……. [Read More]

Lobster BLT’s with Bacon Jam


I love my mother in law.                           Who happens to live in Maine. Where there is Maine lobster. For $2.99 a pound. Who likes to visit me in NYC. See where I am going with this? I better stop now. Love you Nancy…. [Read More]

24 hour Nachos


Ok. So these nachos don’t take 24 hours. But if you happen to make the pulled pork over say, nine or ten shots of tequila, pass out in your make-up, wake up to dry heaves and positively cannot look at food until the shakes stop, it can very well take you 24 hours to bring… [Read More]

Think Pink. Garlic Beet Dip with Za’atar


Good friends coming over. Put the Ro-Tel away. Actually Ro-Tel is kind of amazing. Keep that in the running for your not so good friends. But if you want to impress, think pink. The color of this dip is show stopping. I’ve often lamented, there are just not enough neon pink foods. Plus, this dip… [Read More]