The world doesn’t need another food blog. Our epicurean zeitgeist has turned just about everyone these days into the dreaded f-word.


If you don’t believe me when I say being a foodie isn’t cool- google synonyms for foodie. You will get this:

noun: foodie; plural noun: foodies; noun: foody

1.  a person with a particular interest in food;

Nail biter.

There is a great quote by Gabriella Gershenson. It reads: “For longtime food obsessives, today’s foodie is like the person who just discovered the band that you’ve been loving since the ’90s, and who tells everyone, with no sense of self-awareness, how great this new band is.”

Well, Obedient Ingredient, I guess that makes you my Pearl Jam. And I couldn’t be happier.

Come along for the ride if:

  • You have more photos on your phone of your meals than you do of your friends.
  • Over breakfast, you are planning lunch.
  • You have an emulsion blender.
  • You use it.
  • If you have ever said something like, “pass the tapenade” or “Bob and Janet are coming over. Let’s pick up a charcuterie.”
  • If food porn excites you more than real porn.

But here you’ll find no culinary peacocking.  Instead, we’ll get weird. We’ll use ingredients we’ve never heard of and cook in ways we didn’t think were possible. Or legal. We’ll eat fattening foods and we’ll eat healthier foods when our pants stop fitting. Or buy bigger pants.

We’re foodies. That’s what we do.